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Malicious Acts

Security Diagnosis: Knowledge of the level of protection of your company, your installations and flow management. Identify your strengths and your weaknesses.

Vulnerability Audit: Identification of your threats, analysis and mapping of risks. Implementation of an action plan including prioritization.

Security Plan of Establishment: Security of premises open to the public, implementation of prevention measures and protection means including counter violence and terrorism threat.

Malicious  Acts


Choice of your Security Provider:

From setting out specifications and guidelines through to final decision.


Legislative Framework:

Production of instructions rules and procedures in accordance with specifications and guidelines.

Security performance monitoring:

Performance quality control including checking guidelines and specifications are met.

Monitoring Providers

                          This department is closed during                              Covid-19 containment

Terrorism awareness training: 

To apprehend and detect a threat. How to respond appropriately and initial actions; create a strong security culture and positive reporting culture in the organization … An adapted course taking into the layout of your premises.

Staff training in the prevention of malicious acts: Identification of a malicious act and how to behave. Better know its workplace. Learn about prevention and protection. Learn how to react in the face of conflict or even violence.

Security management system training:

The implementation and associated training of a comprehensive management system to manage security elements in the workplace including policy, objectives, plans, procedures, organization, responsibilities and other measures.

Sécurity Training


Labor law:

We can help with legislative documents, Safety Prevention Plans, Security protocols for the transports of goods, Single Risk Assessment document…

Event Security:

You are organizing a sport, entertainment or cultural event or a private event, we can meet all your security needs.

Fire prevention:

Management of fire security register, organization of fire drills. We can respond to any other fire security management requests.

Régulatory Compliance


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