Alexandre PETIT

After having spent over 30 years working in the security industry, specialising in properties and people, I have naturally decided to use this experience in an advisory and training role in the security field. I am available to bring to every company my knowledges and skills to protect them better.. 


I offer my services to companies and business looking to protect themselves against malicious acts and to implement a security awareness culture. Security management in the workplace is reliant on management commitment and staff awareness in the wished domains.

Taking into the consideration the current security context, I can advise, assist and analyze, to protect your installations. With a security diagnosis you could know the strengths and weaknesses of your premises.


Consult-Security is available for short missions in France as abroad, from few days to two months.


Adresse : Consult-Security 2 rue Général Gallieni, 57100 Thionville.

Mail :

Site internet :

Téléphone : 07 85 17 32 77

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